Pioneering Microbial Immunotherapies

Freya’s drug candidates comprise full-spectrum microbiota and rationally-selected strain consortia, which have the potential to restore an optimal, non-inflammatory vaginal microbiome.

A human-first, data-driven approach

At Freya, we’re applying rigorous cutting edge science to address gaps in existing knowledge and shape a more comprehensive understanding of women’s health and disease. Fueled with ongoing clinical trial results, Freya’s in-human-first data science platform has the potential to quickly translate insights to effective therapeutic solutions.

  • Microbiome: Quantitative & Whole Genome Sequencing
  • 450+ proteomic immune markers
  • 600+ transcriptomic immune markers
  • Clinical outcomes & demographic data
  • Data from 600+ women
  • 100 full spectrum microbiota transplant interventions

Restoring the reproductive and immune systems

Freya’s microbial immunotherapies address immune drivers underlying a range of reproductive system conditions uniquely afflicting women. Target indications share an underlying pathology: local immune dysregulation and inflammation caused by a dysbiotic microbiome.

Join us in shaping the future of women's reproductive health.

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