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~ 1 in 10

couples face infertility, and undergo more than 2 million IVF cycles per year.


1 in 10

women has endometriosis, and approximately 40% struggle with infertility.


> 1 in 10

babies are born premature, and approximately 1 million of them die each year.

Freya empowers women through innovations that revolutionize reproductive health.

Freya™ is a clinical-stage company taking an innovative approach to women’s health, with microbial immunotherapies aimed at relieving the chronic inflammation underlying a range of reproductive system diseases uniquely afflicting women.

Restoring the reproductive and immune systems

Reproductive system disorders like embryo implantation failure, infertility among women with endometriosis and preterm birth share a common feature: local immune system dysregulation and inflammation caused by a dysbiotic microbiome. 

  • 1 in 3 women undergoing IVF have an inflammatory vaginal microbiome
  • 1 in 10 women of reproductive age have endometriosis
  • 1 in 4 of women have dysbiosis during pregnancy, increasing the risk for preterm birth

A human-first, data-driven approach

At Freya, we’re applying rigorous cutting edge science to address gaps in existing knowledge and shape a more comprehensive understanding of women’s health and disease. Fueled with ongoing clinical trial results, Freya’s in-human-first data science platform has the potential to quickly translate insights to effective therapeutic solutions.

  • Microbiome: Quantitative & Whole Genome Sequencing
  • 450+ proteomic immune markers
  • 600+ transcriptomic immune markers
  • Clinical outcomes & demographic data
  • Data from 600+ women
  • 100 full spectrum microbiota transplant interventions


Freya’s immunotherapies aim to address immune drivers underlying a range of reproductive system conditions.

Microbial immunotherapies target immune drivers underlying a range of reproductive system conditions.


IVF & Natural Conception

Several studies have indicated that dysbiosis of the reproductive tract leads to immune activation and inflammation, negatively affecting IVF success. Currently there are limited therapeutic options for women with dysbiosis undergoing IVF or trying to conceive naturally.


Endometriosis Infertility

Endometriosis is associated with dysbiosis of the reproductive tract and infertility. Currently available therapies focus on pain, but often cannot be used in patients who wish to get pregnant and do not address reproductive tract dysbiosis.


Preterm Birth

It has been demonstrated that an early inflammatory cascade increases the risk of preterm birth. Current intervention options focus on managing preterm labor and delaying delivery for a short period of time.


Other Disease Areas

Many other conditions affecting women’s health are driven by local immune dysregulation. Novel therapeutic opportunities will be elucidated through Freya’s platform.

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Valued Partnerships

Our Partnership with Boston IVF is Rooted in Common Interests

It is known from the literature that an inflammatory dysbiotic vaginal microbiome correlates with poor IVF success rates. This has been demonstrated in several cohorts and geographical regions of the world. In order to understand the burden in the US and better target new therapeutics, Freya has partnered with Boston IVF, a world renowned IVF center, to conduct a prospective study among 300 women. The study is investigating the microbiomes and corresponding immune profiles of women undergoing IVF. To our knowledge this is the first and largest study of its kind to be conducted among US IVF patients.


Women participated in this study

The Talent

The leadership team

Colleen Acosta


Johan van Hylckama Vlieg


Ulrich Binné


Crilles Larsen

PhD Pharm
CMC & Quality

Additional co-founders: Peter Bisgaard, Laura Ensign (Chair, Scientific Advisory Board), Randi Rich, Anne Bloch Thomsen, and Thomas Rasmussen

Colleen Acosta


Johan van Hylckama Vlieg


Ulrich Binné


Crilles Larsen

Senior Vice President
CMC & Quality

Additional co-founders: Peter Bisgaard, Laura Ensign (Chair, Scientific Advisory Board), Randi Rich, Anne Bloch Thomsen, and Thomas Rasmussen

Track Record

A Collection of Prior Achievements

The team’s exceptional track record includes delivering groundbreaking scientific studies, successfully bringing drugs to market, and driving advancements in the scientific community. 


We have conducted a total of 100 clinical trials.

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We have brought eight drugs to market.

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We have provided over 35000 detailed citations in scientific publications.


We are inventors on over 40 U.S. and PCT patent applications.


We have published over 200 peer reviewed articles including: Lancet, Nature, Nature Biotechnology, Nature Communication, Nature Cell Biology, Cell, PNAS

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Backed by premier investors to advance our science and clinical development. 

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Freya Biosciences collaborates closely with influential key opinion leaders in the scientific community, leveraging their expertise and insights to propel forward our clinical advancements in the field of women’s reproductive health. 


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