Novel Microbial Immunotherapies

Freya is a clinical stage company developing novel microbial immunotherapies. Freya aims to offer new therapeutics where there are currently none. Clinical trials are currently underway to investigate our lead candidate for the treatment of infertility in women with dysbiotic vaginal microbiota. Additional programs are in development.


Freya has already completed two proof-of-concept studies


Freya has completed a prospective cohort study in IVF, expanding biomarker data in the initial target population, feeding into our data platform.

Freya’s next generation therapeutics are currently in development. They will be tested in clinical trials in the near future.

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Peer Reviews

Freya Biosciences collaborates closely with influential key opinion leaders in the scientific community, leveraging their expertise and insights to propel forward our clinical advancements in the field of women’s reproductive health. 

Join us in shaping the future of women's reproductive health.

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